Knock Knock

by No Valentine

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Down Down 02:30
Down Down Words and music Cynthia Pack copyright 2019 Sometimes I feel like I’m fading away Donned the cloak of invisibility No one listens to a word I say No one seems to see my face Down down Down down No impetus and no desire Don’t know why I keep on trying I’m just a flickering insect in the dead of night I got no more power and no more flight Down, down Down down Sometime I feel like a walking train wreck An epidemic a viral agent A bad narcotic a hopeless neurotic But mostly I just feel psychotic
Barnyard Apocalypse Words and Music Cynthia Pack Keep your barn door open I smell fire I smell rage Seems like someone wicked Let the beast out of the cage I’m not making bets On who’s the strongest to survive Put your head between your legs And kiss your ass goodbye CHORUS Yeah you got a move on 2x Take one right between the eyes We’re all on borrowed time Keep your options open There is madness in the air Dirty tricks and treason and the world spins on dare Carnival of freaks I’m gonna Have to catch you later Hallelujah motherfuckers Pass the mashed potatoes CHORUS Yeah you got a move on 2x Take one for the team because We’re all on borrowed time
You're Sick 02:52
You’re Sick Words and Music Cynthia Pack It’s hard sometimes to navigate the space between your ears And life is much more colorful within a hall of mirrors Your simple little mind Your simple little mind You’ve patched it up with gaffers tape And hung it out to dry The saber rattling’s grown quite loud It’s elevating fear A war to end all wars will soon dramatically appear Your evil little mind Your evil little mind You’re puffed out chest and beady eyes Villain extraordinaire Chorus You’re sick, sick, sick Now crab walk through The after shock and jump into your cave The repercussions shouldn’t cloud your sense of the depraved Your bloated little mind Your bloated little mind We’ll soon be walking on all fours and swinging from the vines Chorus You’re sick, sick, sick
Lemon Pie 02:30
Lemon Pie Words and Music Cynthia Pack No I don’t believe in angels Only children of the night Pointless arguments and rambling Never ever puts things right Back against the wall You know I’m feeling very small Cause I’ve been flogging a dead horse with all my might Serendipity and platitudes Fortune cookies for the mind Double dips and endless flattery Soaked in whimpering and sighs The world’s a cold, cold place In fact it’s full of rotten eggs So don’t expect a lemon merengue pie Keep your razor blades And steely barbed wire gaze And reasons to believe the earth is round So even as the darkness swells And sewage floats among the buttercups Time is always running out And no one really loves a clown… for long The world’s a cold, cold place In fact it’s full of rotten eggs So don’t expect a lemon merengue pie
Detour 02:18
Detour Words and Music Cynthia Pack I took a trip It wasn’t planned Didn’t take a car Didn’t talk a plane And now I’m stuck on the side of the road And I can’t get over Shut down on the highway going nowhere Ran out of gas Ran out of oil Can’t pay the tax Can’t pay the toll And now I’m stuck in the slow lane of life And I can’t get over Shut down on the highway going nowhere I’m running in place Can’t pick up the pace The wheels are spinning Dirt in my face Huh uh huh uh I need a detour


released June 9, 2019

No Valentine
Cindy Pack: guitar/ lead vocals
Laura Sativa: bass/vocals
Mike Linn: drums/vocals

Recorded @ 30 Below Recording Studio
New York, New York
Engineered by Brent McClachlan

Album cover: J-M Guyaux


all rights reserved



No Valentine New York, New York

NO VALENTINE is a New York based trio whose members have been evolving for years in the NYC music scene. Their sound has been described as lean and powerful with distinct influences ranging from the melodic underpinnings of classic rock and roll to the raw edge of grunge. The thread that ties it all together is a riff-based sensibility that lets the listener know they're in for a raucous good time ... more

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